Money Market Accounts

Start on the path of savings today with a convenient Money Market account that allows you to write checks.  Severn Savings Bank money market accounts earn interest through our four-tiered rate structure, so as your balance increases, so do your earnings.

Our money market accounts have no monthly service charge with a $2,500 average monthly balance*. Interest is compounded daily and credited at the end of each month. Click here for Rate details.

ONLY $20 minimum to open
FREE check orders
FREE ATM withdrawals at any Severn Savings ATM or 55,000 ALLPOINT™ Network ATMs worldwide
FREE online banking
FREE telephone banking
Unlimited withdrawals or transfers at any Severn branch
Combined total of 6 withdrawals per month outside of branch**

* $5.00 monthly service fee if average monthly balance requirement not met.

** Federal Banking Regulations restrict you to a combination of six (6) of the following types of transactions per statement cycle: checks, debit cards, or similar orders made payable to third parties, telephone transfers, online banking transfers, pre-authorized debits and transfers to another account with us, electronic withdrawals, electronic checks or debits. Over the counter withdrawals are unlimited. A $5 fee will be assessed for each item over these limits. Certain transaction limits may apply.