Commercial Money Market Accounts

Putting your business funds to work is just good management. Severn Savings Bank money market accounts earn interest through our four-tiered rate structure, so as your balance increases, so do your earnings.

Our money market accounts are fee-free. Interest is compounded daily and credited at the end of each month.  Click here for Rate details.

FREE check orders
FREE ATM withdrawals at any Severn Savings ATM or 55,000 ALLPOINT™ Network ATMs worldwide
FREE online banking
FREE telephone banking
Unlimited withdrawals or transfers at any Severn branch

** Federal Banking Regulations restrict you to a combination of six (6) of the following types of transactions per statement cycle: checks, debit cards, or similar orders made payable to third parties, telephone transfers, online banking transfers, pre-authorized debits and transfers to another account with us. Over the counter withdrawals are unlimited. A $5 fee will be assessed for each item over these limits. Certain transaction limits may apply.