Our Chesapeake

Since Severn Savings is headquartered with all of its operations here in Anne Arundel County, we realize what is at stake with the health of the Bay, the water ways and our surrounding environment. We feel we have a responsibility to do our part to preserve our natural resources, and we take this responsibility as seriously as all the others that we have. That’s why Severn’s new Westgate Circle headquarters includes a state-of-the-art “green roof” that captures and absorbs runoff water that would typically challenge our infrastructures and pollute our waterways. We also show our support with frequent donations to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other environmentally oriented organizations as well as with products that trigger automatic donations to some of these same organizations.

Together we can help save the Bay

We’re committed to helping the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in their efforts to save the Bay. For the past five years we have donated $5 for each new checking account that was opened - totaling more than $25,000 to help the Bay. We now pledge
to double that amount donated to $10 for every
new checking account opened over the next five years. Together, we can help our community
and the Bay thrive.